Radical Zoo (Nothing)

by Lightning Glove

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VINYL ORDERS VIA ingnodwetrust@hotmail.co.uk (EU, World)
glovelightning@gmail.com (CZ)

"Wrap-around risograph sleeve designed by Michael Holland, mastered by Stephen Bishop. Gnod and Michael Holland's Ono Tesla corporation follows that gorgeous Negra Branca side with a snotty cyberpunk blast from Czech Republic's Lightning Glove. 'Radical Zoo' is their debut album of rudimentary electronics, spitting machine rhythms and urgent, whiny vocals lashing out under dissociative synth atmospheres across six tracks referencing punkish electro and dubstep alongside in-vogue darkwave. Together with lyrics about Ketamine and the social disintegration of Europe, it all comes off like the lo-fi soundtrack to some '90s cyberpunk flick about poor-but-sexy squatters in de rigueur fatigues. To be fair we shouldn't knock their earnest agitations and refusal to sit comfortably in a box - compared with so much anodyne posturing in the modern musical sphere - but the impact of 'Radical Zoo' is at odds with their rhetoric due a dilettante approach to dance rhythms" (Boomkat)

"Gnod and Michael Holland's Ono Tesla imprint continues to bring more out-there and unique sounds, conjured up from the witch's cauldron that is Islington Mill. Although Lightning Glove are from the Czech Republic, it's undeniable that this sound falls perfectly into the post-rave-industrial ethos from which the label, and most of the music emanating from 'the Mill resides. (...) The whole EP plays like Atari Teenage Riot on an OD-inducing level of opiates; essential for anyone with a penchant for dark-wave, industrial punk, cybernetic goth or electronic noise. And another piece of Manchester's complex musical jigsaw." (Piccadilly Records)

"LG maintain the menacing vibes with abrasive lyrics and equally abrasive rhythms touching on prophetic subjects such as the dream world and nightmare David Lynchian soundscapes , the disintegration of liberal Europe and brotherly love. This is the sci-fi sound of Europe falling into disrepair, folding in on itself. Radical Zoo (Nothing) doesn't fit into a square box, its a record for fans of rough edges, tough electro rhythms, it's already been getting plays from the likes of Jon K and And Andrew Lyster from Meandyou. " (Norman Records)

"Radical Zoo continues the riotous lineage of Suicide, Cabaret Voltaire and Front 242 but takes its experimental nihilism further. The LP bristles with a barely restrained anger, most obvious in the uncompromising and abrasive drum programming, caustic synth lines and yelping Mark E Smith styled vocals." (The Vinyl Factory)

"Good God, just leave me floating in those Evian Christ-inspired nervous post-punk synth fluctutations of the opening “Brave New World” and I’ll be set forever. " (Weed Temple)


released July 10, 2014

Recorded and mixed by Lightning Glove in 2013/2014
Mastered by Stephen Bishop
Artwork by Michael Holland

Ono Tesla 2014



all rights reserved


Lightning Glove Prague, Czech Republic

The Prague (CZ) based project Lightning Glove oscillates between a need to allude to the legacy of the subversiveness of rave, and on the hand, the raw heritage of postpunk, inspired by the likes of Coil, Throbbing Gristle and Suicide, echoing Excepter. ... more

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