Raving Peacock's Tail

by Lightning Glove


Released by Tesla Tapes in 2013
Limited repress of 20 copies

"Fused upon a bleak canvas of industrial reverbs and soured and scarred in a withering austere minimalist dialect, ‘one step further’ harrowingly lurches forth, a darkening ceremony sucking all joy dry like some pulsating and impenetrable black hole, likewise with the sets most accessible sounding cut ‘HTRV’, the clinically cold sparseness echoes to a youthful Cabaret Voltaire albeit recoded and invested with a withering industrial dub tongue by an out of it and recalcitrant sounding gathering of SPK, play dead and Revolutionary Corps of Teenage Jesus types out of which somewhere mid way through emerges from out of the silvery reverb shards something very much funkliy mutant in a PIL in cosmic dub type way. ‘plastic zone’ arrives shrouded in a gripping atmospheric eeriness much recalling of those found loitering on the flip sides of old Bauhaus platters and while it might conceivably win over the horror phonic kudos with its bleak blank walled iciness and have you scampering for the rear of the settee it’s the parting ‘endless tides of weathered soda’ that casts its dark dread shadow with its groaning monastic chants and incessant beat pulsars to spook like something rarely heard around these parts since those classic cuts from UK Decay. This is not life this is merely existence."
(the sunday experience - strange sounds for freakypeople)


released September 26, 2013



Lightning Glove Prague, Czech Republic

The Prague (CZ) based project Lightning Glove oscillates between a need to allude to the legacy of the subversiveness of rave, and on the hand, the raw heritage of postpunk, inspired by the likes of Coil, Throbbing Gristle and Suicide, echoing Excepter. ... more

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